Sunday, January 3, 2016

If You Could See Me Now

It has recently occurred to me that I have changed in ways that are not always flattering. I was the type of woman that would never be caught dead in public without full makeup and my hair curled perfectly.  My appearance was of the utmost importance - seriously. I was raised that way.

Lately the most important thing is to be warm, stay dry, and remember to always have a pair of gloves in my pocket, if not on my hands.  I have found myself inside of stores with my hair in a ponytail, boots on, jeans rolled up, no makeup and my dirty Carhartt jacket zipped up to keep me warm. And I was as happy as a girl could be.  The freedom of simply living without that fear of rejection has been something amazing.  When I find myself in public looking a fright, I just have to laugh and celebrate the moment.  I think God is laughing with me.  My cows, dogs, and chickens don't care what I look like, and apparently my husband thinks I look beautiful in my Bogs with manure on them.  There's just something sexy about a farm girl :)

It's been a wild ride, this little farm of ours, and if it all ended tomorrow I wouldn't regret a single moment of it.  I feel so blessed that we have be given this opportunity so late in life.

Now I better get back outside and help Tim with the frozen water troughs and feeding time.

And, by the way,  that "other" cow that we thought might be pregnant???  She is due in about two weeks.

We are dang blessed!!!



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