Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gone Fishing

Last night Tim went fishing with a friend right after work. I actually had plans of my own, unbeknownst to him, so it all worked out fine!  So I wrote this little poem for him and gave it to him tonight. He loved it. :)

Gone Fishing
by Dyan
"Go fishing" she told him, concern in her voice,
"There's nothing for you to do here",
He beamed her a smile, said "I'll be awhile"
then joyfully packed up his gear.
She watched him depart, a bit giddy in heart,
knowing full well just what she would do;
And when he was gone, she burst into song,
And down to the basement she flew.
Then out came the journaling Bible and paints,
the pens and the tabs and the glue;
A warm cup of tea, how blessed was she,
to journal the whole evening through.
The moral my friend, is the time that you spend,
doing something you truly adore;
Makes for a happier marriage and life
when your husband walks back through that door!


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