Sunday, October 2, 2016

We Never Planned For This

What do you do when you're injured?  Both of you?

Tim went to Alaska on a much anticipated fishing trip with his boss, Mike, and the rest of the crew.  Also, Mike's friend, Dan went along.  Tim spent a small fortune on waders, boots, and fishing gear.

Everyone was flying up at different times so all of the crew wouldn't be gone when the business was open.  Tim's trip started off badly. They cancelled his flight, put him on a later flight thus causing him to miss his connecting flight. He ended up having to stay the night in Seattle and fly out in the morning. Since he had a firearm in his checked luggage, he had to declare that and have TSA inspect his bag. This was in Portland, OR.  The agent either just plain hated people, or she didn't know what she was doing.  She was VERY rude to Tim, took his huge suitcase and DUMPED the whole thing out. ( This never happened to any of the other guys, by the way. Nor did it happen to any of them last  year when they went to Alaska.)

Anyway, things really did not improve after that.  When he finally got to Alaska on Saturday he tried to put the bad stuff behind him and do some fishing.  He caught his first steelhead salmon and was looking forward to a great time.  On Sunday he was injured.  Dan called to him asking him to grab the net and help him land a fish. Tim grabbed the net and took off to where Dan was standing.  He was climbing down the bank when the bank gave way under him and he slid down with his right leg twisted and pinned underneath his body. He spent the rest of his trip in the cabin in much pain. Mike took him to the emergency room and they told him he tore the cartilage in his knee and to see his doctor as soon as he got home. He flew home on several difficult flights, on Tuesday night.

I took him to his regular doctor on Wednesday and he referred him to an Orthopedic surgeon.  (He will see him tomorrow at 9:30am.)

 Thursday morning before work, my back went out.  I was standing at my dresser putting on my earrings when I reached for something and BAM - shooting pain in my lower back.  I couldn't get into the chiropractor until Friday. Work was miserable.  I still had to work, feed cows, chickens, and dogs. Tim cannot get his socks on or off and now I cannot help him.  The first time I bent down to help him, my newly adjusted back went out again. **sigh**

Today is Sunday. Exactly a week since the accident, and he is in pain and limited in what he can do.  We had a real challenge trying to take the kitchen garbage out. But we have found the humor in our situation. We have quickly learned how to be creative in all things!    I plan to work somehow tomorrow and go to the chiro at 4:10.  I'm sure God will show me how to do what He wants me to do.

This has been an interesting lesson in preparedness.  We have canned food stored in our basement "Pantry", but we are on our last 2 pounds of coffee.  We have a freezer full of beef, almonds, and blueberries, but we're out of fresh food.  During my lunch hour on Friday I was able to buy bread and milk.  But what will happen if these issues linger long?  The chickens feeder will need to be refilled soon and the only way I can do it is to use a scoop/can and refill it one scoop at a time.  So far I'm doing ok with the cows because the hay is close to the manger and I can use the bales that are above floor level. However, I have not checked their water trough. It fills automatically so it's probably (hopefully) ok for now.

Of course there will be no barn mucking in the foreseeable future. And winter is coming. Praise God we have enough hay to get us by for a while. The chicken coop will be easier to deal with than the barn, but at this point it too is an impossibility.

So, another lesson in farming has hit us head on.  Let us hope we learn something from it.