Thursday, December 15, 2016

Another Lesson - Update

I wrote this a while back but never posted it.  So here goes!

Well, it's been 6 weeks while since Tim's Alaska trip and my back problem.  We learned that Tim had a bad MCL sprain and narrowly avoided surgery. The Orthopedic surgeon has released him with the option to begin physical therapy if things are not greatly improved in 6 weeks.  And his knee is doing much better now. He did get an awful infection in it - not relate to the MCL injury - and spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the hospital.  My back is much better too. I am still seeing my chiropractor every two weeks or so to keep me in line.  It really does make a difference in how I feel.

We finally made it to Costco and restocked the pantry with coffee and other "essentials", and because of our "joint mishaps" I now have a housekeeper!  Praising God LOUDLY - (can you hear me?)!  A young woman from our church comes over once a week and cleans the bathrooms and does all the floors -vac and mop as needed.  I cannot tell you how much this means to me.  We have talked about it for years but never thought we could afford it, or worried about a stranger with the dogs, etc.  Stephanie was instantly loved by all.  Us AND the dogs.  What a huge blessing.  Praise God for all things.

My art is ramping up and I would like to write about it occasionally but I haven't figured out how to post it under the DB Art tab.  I think it can be done but don't know really.

The yard and garden are a mess since the injuries occurred at the time when we needed to pull, cut, and till.  The tomato plants were still standing a few weeks ago and we gave the chickens free access several days in a row.  We've had enough rain that the pasture is lush and green again and Tim is rotating the girls on a regular basis.  Soon it will be too cold and the grass will stop growing.  But for now it helps keep the girls happy.

Never a dull moment at the farm, but we are dang blessed!



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