Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it the end of another year. We still have two cows, Mama and Norma Noel, but Norma is fully grown now.  We had planned to put meat in the freezer this year but could not get the slaughter company to call us back.  Then we got really busy with other projects and the next thing you know we have a rented bull in the pasture "visiting" our ladies.  So.........possibly in the spring we will have one or two new calves. We are not getting our hopes up though, because if there was any interaction between the bull and our cows, no one witnessed it.  He wasn't here long enough to be certain at least one of them went through a cycle.**sigh**

I have long wanted to add another bedroom to our house and Tim finally caved in this year and said he would remodel one of the lower level garages and make it a guest room. Our home has a daylight basement which includes my studio and two single car garages. Upstairs in the main house we have two very nice sized bedrooms.  When our daughter and her family come for Christmas, our grandson gets the spare bedroom, our granddaughter gets a trundle bed set up in my studio, and our daughter and her husband have to sleep out in the RV. And even if we keep the furnace on for days before, the mattress is pretty cold in the winter. So, the room is supposed to be done by Christmas so everyone can be under the same roof.  Naturally, things are getting really tense.  We thought we had someone lined up to do the mud and tape but he backed out. Without a backup plan we had to watch You Tube videos and take a crash course in mud and taping drywall.  We are still working on it and hope to be ready to spray texture in 2 days.  I ordered carpet with the understanding that it would be installed on December 18th only to have them tell me  2 weeks later that it has to be on the 14th or in January!  I wasn't happy - (that's an understatement!) but I had no choice and agreed.  That robs us of our final weekend to paint the walls before carpet.  So......we are really scrambling to get the mud and texture done and dry so we can prime and paint before next Thursday.  After working all day it's pretty difficult for us to do this at night, but that's the only way it will get done.  Twenty years ago this would have been a piece of cake.  Now things are "a bit" more difficult! Ha!!!  But with God's help we can do this -because

We are dang blessed!