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Welcome to Dang Blessed Art!  Let me tell you a little about why I added this page to our website.

Sometime late in 2015 I felt a strong urge to begin Bible journaling.  Now, this was kind of unusual because I have been having problems with my hands since April 2015.  Writing is painful.  How on earth could I do Bible journaling?  Still, I could not ignore the voice that was urging me.  Finally I told Tim “I think God wants me to do this”.  So I purchased a journaling Bible and some supplies. 

I underestimated my aversion to coloring over the word of God. That was not something I could bring myself to do, even though that is what this specific Bible was for.  After figuring out how to keep the art transparent, I began – slowly.  My first pages were REALLY basic.  A few colors and some lettering. I enjoyed it immensely, however, it was painful.  Then the thought presented itself that I needed to open my studio to others to learn Bible journaling.  I tried to dismiss it, but again that silent voice said “Do it”.

So I discussed it with Tim and he agreed we would need to do a lot of cleaning and reorganizing in the studio.  It soon became very frustrating and as the voice just got stronger I cried out to God “What about my hands???  How can I do this when it hurts so much?” I think I expected Him to say “Oh that’s right! I forgot about your hands. You’re off the hook!”  But that’s not what happened.  Instead I realized it was not about me, it was about the space.  God wanted me to use my studio for others to worship Him through art.

Wow.  I was floored.  Since then I have scrubbed and reorganized and redecorated the whole place.  There have been many obstacles and each one was solved simply and completely by listening to a still small voice giving me direction.  We have quite a ways to go, but I have no doubt we will get it done.  When we do, I’ll post pictures here.

As of this writing, I believe I am supposed to advertise a “Bible Journaling Workshop.  Learn to worship through art!”  However, I still don’t really know how to do it. I need to create a full workshop and then I will have to make up some sort of flyer to advertise. It gets overwhelming when I start thinking and stop trusting.  It may be that God will lead me to someone that knows how to water color and would be interested in teaching the class, or at least helping out. 

One last note.  I waited many months before I told anyone but Tim about this.  I was sure they would think I was crazy.  But now my Mom, Sister, and Daughter know the whole scoop and none of them thinks I’m crazy – at least they won’t admit it!




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