The Barn

We originally wanted to build a free standing barn on the other side of our property.  However, the location was too close to the well and when we found out how much it would cost we had to stop and re-figure everything.  There was no way we could afford to do that, and when we learned that our roof had to be replaced, well that shot down all hopes of even building a barn.

Then Tim came up with the idea of making a "lean-to" on the side of the RV building.  It would be much less expensive and give us a dry place to store hay and feed cows.

And so it began.  There was junk to clear away and a few cords of wood to re-locate, but construction started at last.

This is the view from the back side - or the pasture side.

With help from our generous neighbor Greg, the framing went up.

And then the metal was delivered.

First up was the roof.  The panels were extremely heavy.  Another neighbor, Kim, helped Tim put up several panels and then Tim's boss, Mike, came over to  finish the installation with Tim.  What a blessing these friends are. 

Next Tim began the long process of installing the metal on the outside.

Then the big day came for concrete.  What an exciting day for us!  We only poured cement where the cows would be. The hay will be stacked on pallets to keep it off the dirt and the tractor and implements will be stored in there too.  The square footage turned out to be much more than we thought it would.  There is plenty of room for everything.

This is the last side of metal before the doors get built and installed.